Evadan Labour Services specializes in different types of services related to constructional activities. The skilled tradesmen who are also known as pipelayers have extensive knowledge in laying pipes such as sanitary sewers, drains, storm and water mains. We apprehend the need for complete knowledge as a single mistake can ruin everything and therefore with us, you can stay assured.

Being a part if this industry, now we have earned huge knowledge. There are different types of grades, and the professionals here understand how things work. With us, you can stay assured that your pipe laying job will be complete as per the specified time span.

Being a part of the constructional area for years, we now comprehend the need of our clients. Working in deadline with dedication is what makes us different from others. Even in some of the most challenging conditions, our pipelayers deliver cutting edge results.

Since now, we have taken various projects, and we feel proud of boasting about our success. Evadan labour services can proffer great results, and therefore you are just a call away.

Don’t think, just get in touch with us and we can help you.

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